Posted by: Brian | December 28, 2008

Slow and Steady…

I know the blog has been looking a bit… stagnant for a while, but we’re getting there. Starting tomorrow I’m going to start getting everyone else set up with their accounts and make sure they know how to use everything. Zach is supposed to be working on a cool page design for the blog, and he’s working on putting together a cool banner for the top that will incorporate photos from everybody’s travels.

That being said… stay tuned as we add more authors. Posts from authors that are actually in their respective countries of study should start in late January, give or take. I’m not exactly sure when everyone’s semesters begin, so that’s subject to change. Once we’ve gotten the full-fledged authors for the blog set up, I’ll contact the other students that expressed interest but weren’t selected and offer them the opportunity to be added as contributors. That way they can periodically post content here, but the admins will screen it before it gets published (for quality control purposes).

That about wraps everything up. Once I feel like the blog is comfortably running, I’ll send the link to Karen, my advisor in the Education Abroad Office. She’s linking to our blog from their web page, for which I’m really grateful. It might not generate a ton of hits, but I’d love to be able to help out other students that are thinking about doing a term abroad. If you’ve got any suggestions for content or ways to improve the blog, leave a comment! We’re always open to advice. 🙂


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