Posted by: Jeff | January 11, 2009

First Day

So my trip got off to an auspicious start today. I checked into the airport and one of my bags was about 17 pounds overweight…and the average charge was going to pay about $150. That really didn’t appeal to us, but eventually we got the weight down to the right size. I really don’t understand the weight restriction though, because we merely shifted some weight from one bag to another, and really it’s going on the same plane. I don’t understand that they weigh our bags but they don’t weigh the people, too. I could have easily weighed 17 lbs. more and not be charged with an overage. Ugh.

Anyways, secondly, I got on my connecting flight to Atlanta, which was a small, cramped commuter jet, and I found my seat. Well, the woman next to me was really, really large and she smelled a little too. Granted she was very nice to me, but I wasn’t thinking about chatting while I was being squished into a third of my seat (the armrest was in the up position). And there was no AC. And there was a malfunction in the right thrust reverser, which meant that we needed to have maintenance. Thankfully I got off the flight and got a ticket with American through Dallas. Also, while waiting for my flight to Dallas I got to see none other than Chris Wilson fresh off the plane from Miami…perhaps the last familiar face that I see for 6 months!

Well, I got here with no troubles either. The apartment is great; it’s actually the same apartment my brother had when he was here…I’ll try to get some pictures. After I unpacked, I walked around and found the supermarket and a local gym. Later Pedro, my neighbor, and I went over to Esteban’s place to go swimming for a bit, which was great. That’s when things get interesting. Pedro and I got back to the apartment and I decided to go running. I went all the way to the river stadium, which I think, ends up being about 11.5 miles (Edit: I originally thought it was 7-7.5 mi.) . Well, instead of taking the safe Avenida Liberator, I took the sketchier Leopoldo Lugones…which actually goes by a prison, not to mention some not-so-upstanding establishments. (I’m pretty sure I saw a desaparecido while I was running by some of the 1970’s government buildings). Well I half-found my way back, and eventually gave up and got a taxi. For dinner, I went with Esteban and some of his friends to Juana M, which is an Argentine steakhouse, and very tasty.

For Connor and those interested, here is the route:

01/10/2009 Route–Lost too
Find more Runs in Buenos Aires, Argentina


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