Posted by: Jeff | January 19, 2009


Well, I didn't take this picture, but I did see this car cross the finish line.
I didn’t take this picture, but I did see this car cross the finish line.

Nothing really exciting happened today.  I went to Megatlon with Horacio and Estéban in Alto Palermo.  Later, we ate in at Horacio’s apartment (ravioli).  After that, we went over to my apartment to change and then to Frederico’s apartment to hangout, except we really didn’t do too much because his neighbor across the hall was found dead about an hour before we got there, and apparently she had been dead for about 3 days (ugh…so morbid).  Instead, we just watched the scene unfold.  Before they moved the body out, the police officer on the scene was trying to solicit a bribe from the family to move the body.

I really can’t get over the gym culture here.  In America it seems that the majority of those there are there to workout and not much more.  In Buenos Aires, it’s much more clubbish.  You actually have to be accepted into it.  Also, there are only beautiful people working out in the gym (but then again, the majority of the people in the streets here are beautiful.) It’s more like going to a nightclub during the day than anything else too because everyone’s talking to everyone else and checking themselves in the mirror (there are also more mirrors in the gyms here than in American ones.) Very interesting and cultural experience.

This past weekend I didn’t do too much.  I went to a sports bar near my apartment to watch the NFL games…I couldn’t find them anywhere else.  It was fun to watch the game, but there was definitely a lot of….drunk white trash in there (excuse the language).  I forgot to mention that on Friday morning I had a medical exam that was mandatory for my gym membership.  It wasn’t like any other doctor’s appointment I’ve ever had.  First they took my pulse and blood pressure, and then they took an EKG…ok.  Well after that, instead of asking me about maybe my family history of diseases or something, they asked me how many hours I spend watching TV or surfing the internet.  Then they took my waist circumference.  Then they told me, “You could be in better shape.”  Um, I’m in good shape doctor, and I don’t think your psuedo-scientific approach to a medical exam is really a great indicator.  Go run 60 miles in one week and then tell me I’m not in optimal shape.  Whatever.  His point was that my blood pressure was too low.

Well, today (Monday) I went to go swim laps at another Megatlon.  To get in the pool, you have to take ANOTHER medical exam.  This time they didn’t take any measurements, but instead they inspected my feet, hands, hair, and underarms.  She then pointed out that I chew on my fingernails, but let me swim…thanks.  She also pointed out that I have a scar on my right middle finger…thanks again.  They also make you swim with a swim cap here, which didn’t bother me but I thought it was interesting.

Sunday I also saw the ending of the Dakar rally, which is an off-road car race that lasts for about 2 weeks.  I haven’t taken too many pictures since I have been here because there has been an outbreak of theft lately targeted at tourists, and it’s a dead giveaway to have a camera out.


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