Posted by: Jeff | January 30, 2009

Ushuaia– Fin del Mundo



REF: Tierra del Fuego National Park

Yesterday I visited Tierra Del Fuego National Park just outside of Ushuaia.  As you can see, it’s well worth the effort to see what the End of the World has to offer.  To get into the park, it costs 50 pesos to enter and 50 pesos for a bus in from the city, which is about ~$30 total.  When we set off in the morning the weather was terrible; it was raining and windy and it was about 50 degrees Fahrenheit (I had to keep reminding myself that I’d still rather be here than working on a paper or studying for a test, though.)  Fortunately, after lunch the weather completely turned around and we got to experience some great scenery.  

Ushuaia is a nice town to visit, but you can tell that it’s heavily dependent on tourism, which is a shame for a quaint town that could do so much better than selling antarctica and penguin trinkets.  In the 1970’s Bruce Chatwin wrote a book titled In Patagonia, where he discussed his trip through Patagonia before Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruiselines started schlepping 60+ retirees here for vacation. Before his book, Patagonia was just an empty spot on the map.  

Tomorrow I am headed to Punta Arenas where there are several penguin colonies before I head to Torres del Paine National Park in Chile.  The path that I’m on now is actually the same as Ernesto “Che” Guevarra was on in his fateful motocycle journey through South America… before he decided to become a communist revolutionary and instigate a revolution in Cuba.  Don’t worry though, while I might sympathize with his feelings for the poor, I don’t think I’ll decide to turn communist.  Now i need to shave; something I haven’t done since for two weeks.



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