Posted by: HopscotchEarth | January 31, 2009

1 month, 15 days, 5 hours, and 4 minutes

Life is so unfathomably immense. There are so many wondrous things happening around me every day that I often forget to even notice. Throughout my life in various places of the world, I have met some of the most colorfully flamboyant people that are so alive and have so many stories and adventures to tell. I often find myself feeling inadequate. I feel intimated by their passion, and I find myself wondering, “Am I really living?” I know that most of these people are usually between 35 and 70 and have more time to accumulate adventures, but often times their most fascinating stories occur at my age. Where are my stories? I am still young, but my soul feels like it is much older and is trapped in an immature life. I feel so very sheltered, and I think it is time I found my own way and let the dice fall where they may. Playing it safe throughout life is dull. I feel I am living like I have two lives to live and that this life is just the one I use to figure out what I like and the next one is where I really live, but unfortunately there is no other life. Or for all you gamers, there is not “Reset” button. I am living in fear; fear that I am going to make the wrong move in life and be screwed with that decision’s aftermath forever, but as I was once told, ” A life lived in fear is not a life lived at all.”

I know this sounds ridiculous, but lots of times I find myself sitting and wishing I could do something, and a part of me believes if I sit here and keep wishing it will happen on its own.  I want to travel everywhere and see everything, but I can’t just keep sitting here and wishing, wanting, and waiting, I have to go pack my bag and start moving. Even if I don’t have the money, there is a way and I just need to get up, take my bag, and start walking towards the exit. The rest will fall into place.

And that is how it all started… the beginning of life full adventure abroad. I walked through the door to find the entrance to the study abroad office, and in 1 month, 15 days, 5 hours, and 4 minutes, I will find myself lost in a romantic city of Heidelberg, Germany. What started out as a dream is becoming a reality, and it is all because I took the initiative. All I have to do know is roll the dice and hope they don’t land on snake eyes, but even bad experiences usually make for a good laugh later in life. Look at the glass half full no matter what.


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