Posted by: Nena Cavel | January 31, 2009

Off To Beijing

I leave for China tomorrow! My flight leaves Dallas at noon and lands in Tokyo thirteen hours later. From there, its a couple hour’s flight from Tokyo to Beijing. I live in Oklahoma, so I’ll still have to get up very early tomorrow to drive all the way to Dallas. I am not a morning person but I don’t think I’ll mind waking up so early on Sunday. I’ve been busy today packing everything, double checking to make sure nothing is left behind. Still, I’m sure something will get left behind. It always does! I have a habit of forgetting my hairbrush. I’m comforting myself with the thought that you can probably find most modern Western comforts in Beijing, so I can always buy something there. I’m not packing a ton of clothes though. I plan to do a lot of shopping there. What I am packing a lot of is bath products and makeup that I might not find in China

I’ll be arriving pretty late, 9:30 pm Beijing time, so I’ve booked a hotel near the airport. I strongly suspect I’ll be ripped off by one of the cabbies, but I don’t think there’s anything I can do about that. It probably wont be that expensive anyway, considering the exchange rate is a pretty awesome 1:7.4 . That’s about all for right now, since I haven’t actually set foot in China yet. I’m sure my next post will be much longer!


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