Posted by: caitlinleigh | February 1, 2009

Only days away…

With my trip only ten days away, I find myself getting more nervous and excited every day. I’m attempting to pack for three seasons in two suitcases, but this challenge is one I’m very grateful to have. On February 12th I will be arriving in Vienna, Austria and a few days later will be arriving in Graz and moving into my dorm.  Universität Graz assigns each foreign student a buddy, and my buddy, Katharina, will be meeting me at the train station with my room key and helping me move in.  These buddies are here to show us around, help us get things done in the beginning, and to introduce us to people.  I am also placed in a buddy group, or a group of exchange students and their buddies, to hang out with.  I’m extremely glad that they reach out a hand to help us, because I don’t feel like I’ll experience as much confusion in the beginning as I would otherwise.  Hopefully next time I update this I’ll be in my destination, but until then I’ll continue to avoid packing.


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