Posted by: Elizabeth Jordan | February 2, 2009

International Scottish Pub Crawl!

The day of the Pub Crawl was quite eventful in itself. I was advised early in the morning and happened to stumble upon Deborah from Missouri so I invited her to lunch w/ Andi and me. We then ran into Robyn from Canada who also joined along and the four of us ate at the Air Bar in the Union which actually has quite decent food. Deb and Robyn hadn’t been on the campus tour yet and I had nothing better to do so after lunch we hurried over to the tower to be guided around campus for a second time. There we met Claudio, a very, very happy Italian, who has now become one of our good friends and I am very glad for it. He is one of those people who is always so excited about things that in return you yourself can’t help but get really pumped, so obviously he is nice to have around.

When the tour ended everyone went their separate ways and Andi drove me to O2 (the phone company store) to make sure everything was set up properly, which it course it now is and I must say how fabulous having a local phone is. He then took me to The Playwrights, which is kind of like a posh bar/coffee place that has pictures of famous Scottish actors hung all over it. It’s not particularly a students’ bar and is a little pricier than the Union, but if you are ever in Dundee I would HIGHLY recommend the place, particularly if you are in to art, theatre, anything of that nature, or just getting a really well mixed drink in an inspired atmosphere.

After coffee he dropped me off at my flat and I met with Robyn and Deb who went with me to pick up some groceries for dinner. We made stir fry that tasted much better after we had gotten through some of the bottle of wine which I very legally purchased. I don’t know why, but the whole getting ID’d and in turn having the correct ID to present is more of a thrill than one would imagine. Afterward we met at the Union and made our way on to the night’s activities.

The Pub Crawl itself was ridiculously fun and I am going to have to insist that we participate in one upon my return home (when I am finally 21 of course), though I suppose the fact that in Texas we couldn’t really just walk back from our night out would be a bit of a detriment. The first pub we stopped at was actually the same one that Robyn and Russian boy and I had stopped at the 2nd night in town, called Grub’s Up. There we met Til, a friendly German boy who just couldn’t have had a nicer personality, Drew, an artist from Kentucky, Annie, a forever sober (even though it may not seem so) Mormon from Utah, and many other people from many other countries around Europe. It’s really nice for traveling as I now have my bases covered in several parts of Germany, Italy, Romania, Ireland, England and…who would have thought…Denmark. I bought drinks for Deb and Robyn at the first pub and am happy to say that those were the only drinks I had to buy for the rest of the night.

A few pubs and many beverages later we ended up at a club called the Underground, which if you are a student and visiting Dundee this place is a must do. It has a big dance floor which we took full advantage of and my Danish philosopher friend Philip and I made quite a show with our snazzy Salsa moves, while Drew and I’s swing dancing hit a few people (literally). On the way home, Jeffrey would be so proud to know that I participated in a very heated argument with Kentucky (Drew) about Tebow vs. Bradford, which ultimately, I believe I won. The funny thing about it was, while Drew and I were having a thoroughly pleasant time with our debating endeavors, the next morning Robyn (from Canada) was rather concerned that we were actually fighting and quite worried that someone’s feelings might have been hurt. Oh Canada…I tried to explain that where I come from people fight simply for the thrill of the argument alone…but while I’m not sure she understood the purpose of this, she seemed to drop some of the concern and when we met up with Drew again the next day I made him confirm that it was all in a good bit of fun. I found this incredibly humorous because I suppose I see Robyn as just another American (apart from the whole “eh” thing), but then she’ll have these little Canadian influxes that really produce some distinct cultural differences, which I think catch both of us off guard a little, but really makes things more interesting. Needless to say we got home pretty late that night and in the morning Andi text me to inform me that we would be going out again, this time to the Union for the Hogmanay party. Obviously I had no idea what that meant, but it’s apparently equivalent to a New Year’s Eve Celebration.

Robyn and I decided that we wanted to make dinner again and that we need to buy groceries for the week anyways so we made our way down to the local Tesco (kind of like Target) and then might have regretted doing so. Andi said he would take us but he didn’t get off work until 6, I don’t know why we thought that was too late but for some reason I turned down his offer to drive us and after being quite more indulgent with our shopping than we might have preferred, we attempted to make the long 20 min. trudge UP the hill and back to the flats with full bags of groceries in tow. Bad idea? I think yes. Both of us are still feeling the consequences of that decision.

When we finally made it back neither of us really wanted to cook anyways and we both needed to get ready so we popped in some pizzas at Robyn’s flat and then both went off to get ready, which is much harder here than one might imagine. People in Dundee are so stinking fashionable I just can’t keep up…I mean unless I wanted to buy a whole new wardrobe…which I don’t. It doesn’t help either that while Andi is an accounting major, he is president of the fashion club and editor of the fashion section of the magazine (neither of this means what I know you are thinking it means so don’t ask) as well as being highly involved in like a gazillion other clubs, playing the organ at church a few nights a week and knowing just about everyone on campus. But anyways, the boy is dressed to nines constantly, all of it Vivian Westwood or Dulce or some kind of fancy name that I have heard of but never would just go out and buy. So as one can see, the whole getting ready thing could cause quite a predicament. Luckily I got over this little fashion anxiety rather quickly, threw on what I liked without worrying about anyone else, and then went on my jolly way to meet Andy and walk to Robyn’s. He of course was wearing cowboy boots (real ones made in Louisiana of course) and a kind of countryish belt buckle which I have to admit was pretty hysterical. By this time he had picked up some of my more Southern mannerisms and now says the word ‘yall’ every chance he can think of (he will also throw in the occasional, ‘eh’ for Canadian Robyn). When I mentioned going on a shopping tour, Andi said “no, no, no” we will go on a REAL shopping tour in Edinburgh. Now I am actually quite frightened because while this undoubtedly is something he does on a regular basis, I absolutely refuse to spend $1,000 on a pair shoes (you have raised me well Father ). So we will just have to see how this whole shopping thing goes.

Alas, I just realized it is 11am already and I have to get ready to meet some friends at Robyn’s for lunch (Claudio is cooking us REAL Italian food…YUM) before we climb the town hill. I will certainly continue my ever evolving Scottish adventure later this afternoon and I will be sure to post some more pictures. The one on here is of Robyn and I by a dragon sculpture thing in town (sorry to not have a more culturally accurate description, but really we just thought it was kind of cool). This weekend you will be excited to know that I will be doing some real Scottish activities (including, perhaps, being forced at another go at Haggis) and possibly a trip to historic Edinburgh.

I will keep you all updated and feel free to ask any questions.

I am so happy you all can share some of my experiences with me!


Robyn and I by the dragon in Dundee!

Robyn and I by the dragon in Dundee!

Robyn, Silke and I at the Pub Crawl

Robyn, Silke and I at the Pub Crawl


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