Posted by: Holly | February 6, 2009

Bienvenido a España


I arrived safely in Madrid last Thursday and then soon after took a train to Valencia, the city I will call home for the next 5 months! Spain is incredible, the people are so wonderful and are willing to help. I already feel like my Spanish is improving immensely and I get excited for every opportunity to practice speaking.  I visited the “Museo Nacional del Prado” in Madrid and enjoyed seeing classical and famous Spanish paintings, especilly the paintings of Goya. The food in Spain is no joke, it’s absolutely delicious. I have already tried “Paella” (The national Spanish dish) and tapas, my favorite so far are croquettas. In addition to food I have had Sangria and Agua de Valencia, both are incredible sweet, but delicious nonetheless. It has been a very busy week enrolling in La Universidad de Valencia, and has truly tested my skills in the language. Nobody at the University spoke English, but I successfully was able to overcome that and am now enrolled in the school! I begin classes on Monday and I cannot wait! I have met so many other students from all over the world and it is incredible how easy it is to become friends with people who might not even speak your same language. Although I am a little exhausted, so far I am adjusting well and absolutely love Valencia.


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