Posted by: Holly | February 12, 2009

Las Artes y Las Ciencias y La Universidad de Valencia

Hola amigos!

I have finished my first week of classes! It has been a bit of a roller coaster getting things done and figuring out which classes to take, but the important thing is I made it this far and I am eager to see my improvement in understanding and speaking Spanish. Most of the professors have been very willing to work with me and some of the other students considering we are not native speakers, so that is something I am thankful for. I have been meeting so many interesting people and now that classes have started I look forward to meeting even more.

This past Sunday, since nothing is open, I took it as an opportunity to walk the ‘turia’, a former riverbed that is now a walking/running path that cuts through most of Valencia. The buildings and the scenery are so beautiful and at the end of the path is “Las Artes y Las Ciencias”. The modern architecture of the buildings that make up an art museum, a science museum and an aquarium are incredible. I have not had a chance yet to go tour them, but I figure I have plenty of time.

Disfruta mis fotographias! (Enjoy my photos!)


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