Posted by: caitlinleigh | February 13, 2009


I arrived in Vienna yesterday afternoon. Traveling went smoothly, and I arrived at my current destination, Wombat’s Hostel in Vienna. If you ever travel to Munich, Berlin, or Vienna, you have to stay at a Wombat’s. They are extremely friendly, clean, helpful, and fun. They also don’t have a curfew! 🙂 In spite of this, Annie and I ended our evening early last night because we couldn’t seem to keep our eyes open anytime past seven. 

We woke up early this morning and prepared for our first ride on the U-Bahn, or the Untergrundbahn, which is German for underground rapid transit. After buying our tickets and studying the map awkwardly in the middle of the walkway, we jumped on to visit the Schloss Schönbrunn.  (When waiting I found 20 Euro on the ground by the tracks, thereby starting my great day!) Known best as the palace of Maria Theresa of Austria, and later Fraz Josef I of Austria, it is situated just in the center of the city. We decided on the Imperial Tour, and every part of the palace was gorgeous. We visited the cafe since we received 30% off vouches on Apfelstrudel and Kaffee.  We decided to come back to Vienna later on in the year to see the gardens at another time, because they aren’t as impressive in the 25 degree weather.

After about 30 minutes in the freezing cold, we decided to take the U-Bahn back to the hostel to warm up and play on the internet.  Our real adventure begins on Monday, when we leave Vienna for Graz and move into our apartments.


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