Posted by: Holly | March 7, 2009


Every day at 2 pm in the center of Plaza del Ayunamiento in Valencia is “Mascletá”- where billions of Spaniards gather to feel the fireworks being shot off (I bought earplugs, which saved my hearing for sure!)- It began on Sunday and will continue everyday until March 19- They shoot them off in preparation and celebration of “Las Fallas”. “Las Fallas” is a celebration in honor of San Jose (or Joseph, the father of Jesus), but most Spainards just recognize it as one of the biggest fiestas of the year.  It is called ‘Las ‘Fallas’ , ( huge paper mache sculptures) because for the celebration each barrio (or neighborhood) in Valencia builds giant paper mache sculpture, and at the end of the fiesta, all of the sculptures, except for one, are set on fire and the one that wins is displayed in the center! I cannot wait until the celebration begins, it is going to be loud, crowded and crazy but so “vale la pena” or worthwhile!

un beso

Holly –


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