Posted by: Brian | March 9, 2009

The Quest for the Perfect Breakfast

So far, my attempts at breakfast have been utter failures. The first day, I slept in until lunch, skipping breakfast entirely. On the next, I bought what appeared to be some form of trail mix, only for it to turn out to be some sort of salty nut, wrapped in brown stuff which I can’t identify (some sort of grass, maybe?). This morning, I was determined to get something good, and went to a bakery that had been pointed out to me yesterday. At the urging of one of the girls in the store, I purchased a pastry that looked tasty enough.

Hairy Egg Muffin Thing

Hairy Egg Muffin Thing

I assumed that it would be sugary, sweet, and tasty. This was not the case. It was coated in some sort of feathery/hair-like substance akin to the outside of a coconut; the stuff had no flavor at first, then a salty aftertaste. Bummer. Next was the center, which resembled an egg yolk and I hoped would be some sort of cream. Wrong again, it really was an egg yolk. Around that were three red twig-like things. I thought they might be some sort of meat, but if so I couldn’t identify it. Essentially, I have no idea what I just ate (other than the yolk and the actual bread).

Better luck next time, I hope!

PS: Twice now I’ve heard some sort of coordinated chanting/singing outside my window in the morning, but it’s in Chinese (obviously), and I have no idea what the purpose is. More on that if/when I figure it out.

***Update*** After talking to a suite-mate who has already been here for a semester, I’ve discovered that the singing and chanting is a sort of motivational exercise for the employees of a convenience store that I frequent. Apparently they’re really happy to work there.

Edible Stuff!

Edible Stuff!

Since my earliest breakfast mishaps, I’ve settled on picking up breads and pastries that clearly do not contain meat or any unexpected special ingredients of any kind. There are actually some pretty good muffins and something like crescent rolls, though both are moist with some sort of oil I don’t recognize. It tastes good though, so I’m not complaining.



  1. I’m looking forward to my adventures with bread in Japan… from what I hear they’ve got every type of break imaginable, and they don’t respect the normal boundaries just because those are reserved for rice. Whereas we have this plain bread or that sweet bread, they have their one or two types of rice, and don’t deviate. Any sweet rice dish you give to the Japanese or Koreans they won’t touch, just like we won’t touch any kind of bread that seems like a travesty. I wonder if it’s the same for China.

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