Posted by: Holly | March 23, 2009

Las Fallas!


I apologize for how long it has been since my last post, things in Valencia have been incredibly busy, yet superbien due to their huge celebration of “Las Fallas”!! Last week I got to experience first hand this incredible fiesta that lasted from Sunday until Thursday. Las Fallas refers to these huge sculptures that each neighborhood in Valencia creates, which I believe they are made from some kind of flammable foam- the designs are incredibly intricate and each depicts some form of either political or culture satire. They celebrate this in honor of San Jose, or Saint Joseph the father of Jesus.

Everyday at 2 pm they shot off fireworks in the center for mascelta (see my former post!) where each day got progressively louder and even more exciting. I got to see a parade where thousands of ‘falleras’ and ‘falleros’ processed to one of the plazas in the center, “Plaza del Virgen” to offer flowers to the giant wooden statue of the Virgen de los Desemparados- each flower they brought eventually made up her dress, it was so beautiful!

Every night they shot off  fire works from the bridge that lit up the sky and like the mascleta, each fireworks display was more intense.  During the week I also attended my first (and probably last) bull fight, as much as I appreciate the culture aspect and history, there is something very unappealing about watching a bull being slowly tortured and killed, it is definitely not my idea of fun, but I am glad I at least got the chance to experience it while I am in Spain, next time I think I will join the protesters outside of the bull ring.

Thursday marked the last day of Fallas, in which they burned every falla to the ground- it was incredible to say the least. One of my Spanish friends informed me that this was like a re-birth, doing away with the old political and social satire and starting fresh. This week was exactly how I pictured Spain to be and feel so lucky to be experiencing things such as “Las Fallas” first hand, everyday I get more accustomed and attached to this beautiful city. My next move is Seville and then on to Barcelona!!

Hasta Luego!



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