Posted by: Holly | March 27, 2009

Spanish Guitars

Spanish Guitars

Buenas todo el mundo!

Last night I went to a small bar/restaurant to listen to “Spanish Guitars”. Every Thursday, about forty or so old friends from the university gather simply to play their guitars! It was so beautiful and relaxing and made me even more appreciative to be in Spain. I met a man who explained to me how some of them have been playing on Thursdays for most of their life! The majority of them are doctors or architects, which fascinates me because amidst their busy lives, they still take time to just to enjoy the music and company of life-time friends. I sat and listened to them play and sing for hours, and at the end they serenaded me!

Next weekend I am off to Seville and then after a test or two (which will be interesting…), I am going to Barcelona, Madrid, Cordoba and Granada for Semana Santa and my Pascua (Easter) vacation!!

Hope everyone is doing well!

Hasta luego



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