Posted by: Holly | March 30, 2009

A Rainy Day en Valencia


Today is a rainy day in Valencia, no bueno…
This weekend was a pretty relaxing one, which was good because it gave me the chance to reflect a little bit about my experiences so far…and rest, because April is going to be crazy-fun, but busy!

…I believe the longer I am here the more I fall in love with the people and the little differences that I come across. I completely underestimated the reality of living in a foreign country, which doesn’t speak the same language or do things in quite the same way, but nevertheless it has been a good learning experience and I feel so grateful to be able to experience it first hand.

Although I have a long ways to go, it is an indescribable feeling being able to successfully have a conversation in a different language, and I am hopeful it will only improve. This past weekend one of my friends invited me to join him and his roommates for paella on the terrace of their apartment and being the only person from the U.S. more so than not, makes you the center for what would seem like polite curiosity, but to me feels like something close to interrogation.

However, this is not to say I don’t welcome it, because I am happy they are interested and if anything I am happy to gain a better insight on what they think about my country. Not all the stereotypes they hold about us “unitedstatesans” are necessarily bad, just interesting and most of them originate from our o so famous television shows and or movies (and of course our government). It is very difficult to communicate about some of the tougher issues in a different language, and I think it is very easy to get offended if you don’t first attempt to see things from their perspective. I feel like everyday I am able to gain a little bit more patience and a better ability to see things slightly better from the European point of view.

What fascinates me the most, is how even if we see the world differently, speak different languages, or hold some type of bias about the way we do things, we are still able to laugh and enjoy some delicious “casera”- homemade- paella.

un beso,



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