Posted by: Holly | April 25, 2009

Granada, Spain


Our final destination was Granada, Spain. Another cute little southern Andalucian town with a great view of the Sierra Mountains.

Granada’s history is quite interesting, due mainly because it has been around for centuries, under control of first Greeks, then Romans, and later Jews, until the Jews handed over their support to Muslim rule. It remained under Muslim control until it was captured by Queen Isabel and King Fernando’s troops during the Spanish Reconquista, the last city to fall and pave the way for modern Spain. Because of this, the presence of both Jewish and Islamic customs are still very prevalent within the city today, which definitely set it apart from the other cities in Andalucia that I have had the chance to see!

One of the most impressive structures is La Alhambra-
It was first built under Islamic influence and was later the court of Queen Isabella and King Fernando during the Reconquista…it was a remarkable fortress, garden and palace and luckily Megan and I had the chance to walk all over it.

The view from the gardens or Generalife, and the Palace, or Palacio Nazaries was absolutely breathtaking.

One of the main reasons I wanted to go to Granada is to go to Cepilla Real, a chapel where the coffins and gravemarkers of Queen Isabel and Ferdinand are located!! I thought this was extremely neat and was very excited that I was able to see it- although it was a teeny bit eery.

Overall my Semana Santa vacation was a complete success! The more I travel around Spain, the more obsessed I become with the incredible architecture and the history of Spain. It was a great break, but I am glad to be back in my little Valencia – refreshed and ready to conquer those things called classes…


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