Posted by: Holly | April 25, 2009

Sevilla, Espana

cimg2559Beginning in April, I had quite a lot of opportunities to travel, and I chose to travel mainly around southern Spain, or the region known as Andalucia. My first city was Seville, or Sevilla. It was such a beautiful little place, and I truly enjoyed seeing all the incredible architecture, landmarks, and even catching a flamenco show!

One of its landmarks, is the moorish “Torre de Oro”or Golden Tower, which used to be covered in gold! It is located in front of the Plaza de Toros (the Bullring, below with the yellow and white architecture!). Another is the Giralda Tower, which stands next to the Cathedral.

Seville is famous for its Cathedral (La Catedral de Seville), which is the 3rd largest Catholic cathedral in Europe, and the largest cathedral in Spain!  It was built on the base of a mosque after the ‘Reconquista’ or the Reconquest after the invasion of the moors – its Gothic style was breathtaking, and so was one of its alters, which was decorated in pure gold full of intricate biblical figures. It is also the burial place of Christopher Columbus or “Cristobal Colon”!

I also enjoyed this little fairytale looking building called, “La Costura de la Reina”, or “The Queen’s Sewing Room” – it was a place for Queen (María de las Mercedes) to escape to when she was ill- I don’t know much about her, but if she had her own sewing room that looked like this, she must be important!

Other places I saw were Plaza de las Americas, and Plaza de Espana. They both have similar Renissance architectural styles, and were so beautiful to walk around. Along the lower walls of Plaza de Espana, there are ceramic compartments (somewhat like small alters) that make up all the provinces of Spain.

Seville is also where tapas originated, and you can’t really go too long without enjoying tapas in Spain…my favorite are still croquetas, but I branched out and had shrimp, didn’t really think they would come with the heads still attached, but nevertheless they were delicious. After tapas we enjoyed wonderful flamenco dancing!! Perhaps I will learn how to flamenco and move to Seville…

On the last day, my friends and I enjoyed a ferry ride along the Guadalguivir River, It was incredibly relaxing and ended the few days of constant site-seeing perfectly.


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