Posted by: Holly | May 15, 2009

El Rey de Copa


I don’t follow soccer or (futbol) closely, but in Spain it is a very big deal to everyone…and on Wednesday the excitement came to Valencia. On my way to class on Wednesday morning I noticed a lot of Spainards wearing red and white jerseys and then I recognized others wearing Barcelona jerseys and became very confused as to why neither one was supporting Valencia. I soon found out that Valencia was simply hosting the King’s Cup or El Rey de Copa, where Barcelona and Atletic Club, Bilboa would compete for the National Title! I live about 2 blocks from the stadium, so needless to say the noise from all the excited fans was loud, but nevertheless fun to be surrounded by.  I wanted Bilboa to win, only because earlier that day I met some Bilboa fans and they told my friends and I they had not won a title in over 25 years!!  I was rooting for them when I was watching the game, but Barcelona ended up winning by 3 points! However, I also like Barcelona so it was a fun night for me either way!


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