Posted by: Holly | June 3, 2009

“No Pasa Nada”

“No Pasa Nada” or “Don’t worry” -this is a phrase that I think sums up Spain. No matter how worked up I get about school, or anything for that matter, this phrase seems to be the typical response of every single Spanish person I encounter, and something that has been forced on me to accept since day one. What is humorous about this phrase is that for some reason I always hear it in situations that do merit worrying- or at least I think so. I am 2 weeks away from taking two finals,which there is a very large chance I am going to fail them both. I don’t mean to seem like a “Debbie Downer” or like someone who isn’t putting forth effort, but I totally underestimated classes – and my anxiety about taking these exams continues to increase the closer they get. Although I feel like I have accustomed myself into the culture as much as possible, it will take a miracle for me to ‘no pasa nada’…I suppose I will just have to pretend until it is all said and done.

wish me luck!



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