Posted by: Holly | June 18, 2009

Alicante, Guapa, Guapa, Guapa


I suppose after living in Spain for almost 5 months, there are some occasions where I can very effortlessly ‘do as the Spanish do’ and not worry about a thing! My friend Katie and I (another exchange student here from UT) put away our worries and headed right down to Alicante, Spain for a few days this past week to relax, and remember why we enjoy Spain before embarking on our dreaded finals. I must say that while sun-bathing on the beach and swimming in the clear, beautiful blue water I was most definitely not thinking about finals, because I simply wasn’t thinking about anything!
Alicante is the capital of the Spanish province of Alicante, which is the southernmost province of the region of Valencia…put in Holly terms, it is a cute, beautiful little Spanish town located right on “La Costa Blanca”. Our hostal was so perfect, and had air-conditioning!! I realize this might not be very exciting to some people, but now that Spain is hot-hot-hot, not having air-conditioning in my apartment has proved to be a little uncomfortable, so we definitely took advantage of it and cranked that thing until we were freezing- best sleep ever. Another small exciting thing (very un-Spanish) was that Alicante had a Subway-and I am not ashamed to say that I also indulged in a delicious turkey footlong, or four… After spending a lovely day just soakin’ up the sun for the entire first day, we got ready and headed to the port to look for some delicious sea-food/Spanish food. We found a wonderful little restaurant, we had the most delicious croquettas (still my favorite tapa- and these in particular win on my rating scale for sure) and also some ‘arroz con gambas’ or rice with shrimp- yummy, yummy, yummy.

The next day, we walked around the little town some more and found a wonderful little Banana Boat excursion that allowed us to take a little ride out on the Mediteranean Sea, snorkel a bit, and then enjoy the sunset over a few glasses of just doesn’t get too much better than that! The next morning we got up, packed and then went and toured the Castillo de Santa Barbara, an old mediveal castle that once stood as a fortess against the Moors. I get made fun of a lot, but I just love ruins, so I enjoyed being able to see it and walk around for a bit. Alicante was beautiful and like most places in Spain leaves me so content and happy to be able to see, experience and truly enjoy so many little treasures of the world.


1 final down, one paper and 2 more finals to go!



  1. I can sympathize with the lack of air-conditioning. My room gets the full afternoon sun, and it’s no fun.

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