Posted by: Brian | June 21, 2009

TSAE Endorses: MUST Colombian Cafe

No, I’ve got no idea why this place is named that. Heck, the person who owns it probably doesn’t even know why he/she chose that particular combination of words. There’s nothing in particular that makes this place a MUST for people (it really is in all caps like that), and there’s certainly nothing Colombian about it. Still, it’s got good Wi-Fi and a decent menu, and I can usually expect a reasonable amount of privacy when I’m here. The cafe is on the second and third floors of a semi-sketchy looking building on foreigner’s street, about ten minutes’ walk from my dorm on campus. I come here because it’s not as hot as my room, and there’s usually a nice breeze coming through the third floor. It would be nice if they had decent western food, though. It’s on the menu, but I wouldn’t really recommend it. Here are a few pictures of the place:

Base of operations

Base of operations

Cool skylight thingy

Cool skylight thingy

This little guy guards the place

This little guy guards the place

Oh, and if anyone was expecting a post about climbing Haba mountain, you might as well stop, because we didn’t go. My friend didn’t have enough time before he had to leave, and the weather was particularly nasty that weekend. It happens. In closing, I’ve got one more week of class, then finals. Another week after that, and I start my month-long trip across China and Japan. It will be a welcome break from spending my time in a classroom, I can assure you.


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