Posted by: Holly | July 15, 2009


I can’t believe that I am already back HOME. Last week in Valencia was a perfect ending to my perfect adventure abroad. After listening one last time to my good ol’ Spanish Guitar friends, having lunch with my tandem Anna (a wonderful Spanish girl who I have met with frequently to practice Spanish with), saying good-bye to my wonderful roommates and other friends I have met here, it’s inevitable that I will miss Espana and all the experiences I have had here. While awkwardly walking to the train station with about triple my body weight in bags this morning, I honestly couldn’t believe that I was leaving.
My last night in Valencia I ate a delicious tapas meal and drank endless amounts of Sangria for the last time in Spain with some friends. Afterward we headed to the beach and watched an amazing fireworks show that they do every Saturday in the summer. It was such a wonderful evening. perfect really. The  next morning, I was woken up at 8 am by a parade right outside of my window and gun shots going off- what better way to leave Spain than with one more random fiesta, celebrating who knows what? It made me laugh.
Living in Valencia has taught me so much. Not only have I improved my ability to understand and speak Spanish, but have discovered so much about myself and have gained so many new perspectives of the world. Being so far away from home was incredibly difficult at times, and there were some days where I just felt like giving up, however I somehow managed to pass all my classes and live in a foreign country for 5 1/2 months. I honestly still can’t quite fathom it. I will never forget it, and encourage everyone to study abroad!!

Thanks for allowing me to share my experiences with you!



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